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commit da5d0a7100f3b186b23b875523a3c70209913856
parent d76c269e2fc5b1567b0c9932c45a8ddc22c5a7aa
Author: GeaRSiX <gearsix@tuta.io>
Date:   Mon, 23 Aug 2021 11:49:07 +0100

mostly tidyup - see below

- tidied TODO
- added test2.txt (is test.txt duplicates loads)
  - increased ASTLIMIT by *100 to handle this
  - still handled it find, test2.txt is about 26mb
- added parseargs(), parsef(), readast() to tidyup main()
  - might cause decrease in perf (more jumps, readabiity worth imo)

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