gearsix source code

contact: oi.atut@xisraeg

NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
datiA Go library/binary to parse & execute data against template langauges. gearsix2022-03-18 15:00
dotfilesMy dotfiles gearsix2023-01-04 21:52
dotfmMy dotfile manager gearsix2022-12-26 16:39
mdocGenerates a fully-formed HTML document from Markdown using cmark. gearsix2022-08-25 16:35
pagrA 'static site generator', built using dati. gearsix2022-09-03 12:40
piece-chainResearch & implementation of a Piece Chain gearsix2022-07-24 18:01
scriptsMy personal collection of scripts gearsix2022-12-26 18:09
shuntyardDjiskstra's 'Shunting Yard' algorithm gearsix2021-11-15 18:24
syasplit youtube audio tracks, with an optional pyqt gui gearsix2022-12-13 13:21
trallocA C library that adds size information to memory allocations. gearsix2022-09-16 14:46
txt2htmlConverts plaintext to HTML gearsix2022-04-09 15:33
xpmx package manager, a uniform interface to various POSIX package managers gearsix2022-12-28 18:14
NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
getmicroAn install script for the micro text editor. gearsix2022-03-13 18:34
sfeedsimple feed reader gearsix2021-09-21 19:44
stagitstatic git page gearsix2022-09-28 12:07
wioa wayland wm stylised after plan9 rio gearsix2022-02-10 10:50