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2022-09-03 12:40bugfix: BuildCrumbs doesn't skip middle pathsgearsix1+5-3
2022-08-31 13:25formatting fixesgearsix4+13-14
2022-08-26 21:58Page.All and Page.Children are now sorted by date (latest>oldest)gearsix1+4-1
2022-08-05 19:24Makefile was kind of unnecessarygearsix1+0-11
2022-07-29 16:11bugfix(copy.go): improved reliability & portability.gearsix1+40-20
2022-04-09 12:58bugfix: added stat check for asset before performing walk to copygearsix1+3-0
2022-03-31 11:46Merge branch 'master' of
2022-03-31 10:23removed .gfm and .cm markdown supportgearsix3+11-69
2022-03-31 09:20added testing for new Page.Assetsgearsix1+19-4
2022-03-31 08:50bugfixes to last commit; gofmt; updated tests for new .Assetsgearsix11+39-45
2022-03-31 08:50bugfixes to last commit; gofmtgearsix11+34-35
2022-03-30 16:50added Assets type to Page (for .Assets).gearsix2+22-3
2022-03-30 16:31changed expected filenames; renamed DefaultTemplateName (again)gearsix2+12-12
2022-03-26 16:14made DefaultTemplateName an option in the configgearsix4+15-17
2022-03-26 01:38DefaultTemplateName 'root' -> '_root'gearsix1+1-1
2022-03-26 01:30added a LookPath('git') check to init()gearsix2+10-1
2022-03-20 00:01Added git support for checking file mod datesgearsix1+43-14
2022-03-19 16:57pagr_test.go fix to createTestContents directoriesgearsix1+13-7
2022-03-19 16:56fix to asset copy dst path; improved verbose logginggearsix1+7-3
2022-03-19 16:55copy.go: filemod time is also checked to see if a file is to be copiedgearsix1+4-2
2022-03-19 16:55default meta files now need to be named 'default.*'gearsix1+3-2
2022-03-18 16:55updated tests; regressed to go1.13 compatibility (pia)gearsix7+102-63
2022-03-18 01:16tidyup: split LoadContentDir/2, minor renames, added minor docgearsix3+49-41
2022-03-17 22:09tidyup: regressed -> 1.13; did some tidyup; gofmtgearsix9+93-97
2022-03-14 23:51added some TODO items to sitemap_test.gogearsix1+18-4
2022-03-14 23:29renamed config .Pages -> .Contentsgearsix3+10-10
2022-03-14 23:26tidyup: moved a bunch of code from page.go -> content.gogearsix6+347-327
2022-03-14 22:22bugfix: fixed nil ptr bug in pagr_test.gogearsix1+12-5
2022-03-14 12:55gofmtgearsix5+30-29
2022-03-14 12:42testing: added Page.Nav testinggearsix1+60-1
2022-03-14 12:07tidyup: moved all none Test* functions in _test files to pagr_test.gogearsix5+191-186
2022-03-14 11:16added sitemap_test.go, minor cleanup fix in TestCopyAssetsgearsix2+35-27
2022-03-14 11:12tidyup: moved BuildSitemap, page.go -> sitemap.gogearsix2+81-59
2022-03-14 11:12bugfix in copy.go where dst doesnt exist yetgearsix1+2-2
2022-01-22 12:31copyf is only called if src & dst name & size differgearsix1+10-7
2022-01-22 11:47added doc to copyfgearsix1+5-1
2022-01-18 23:42ran gofmt -w -sgearsix8+44-47
2022-01-18 00:05windows fixesgearsix2+9-6
2021-12-25 18:46fixed, stabalised & improved copyfgearsix1+15-10
2021-12-07 16:24fixed default meta overwriting regular metagearsix1+3-4
2021-12-02 14:31.Nav.Chidlren are sorted alphabeticallygearsix1+4-0
2021-12-02 13:50removed usless goroutinegearsix1+29-31
2021-11-27 15:30LoadTemplateDir ignores unknown file extensionsgearsix1+4-2
2021-11-26 13:07added _test for copy.gogearsix3+41-34
2021-11-24 14:52new copy.go#CopyFile, uses copyf (C func) - around x2 fastergearsix4+76-23
2021-11-24 13:55removed goroutines from pagr.gogearsix1+24-30
2021-11-03 22:30updated timefmtgearsix1+1-1
2021-11-03 21:39added ignoreFile(); fixed async for copyAssets & added ignoreFilesgearsix3+18-8
2021-10-18 10:12files with no file extension are now treated as <pre> text filegearsix1+4-1
2021-10-13 10:23applyDefaultMeta overwrites parent default meta; added log to pagr.gogearsix2+6-4
2021-10-12 20:31changed timefmt; removed redundant loggearsix2+1-2
2021-10-12 18:37tidied some var namesgearsix1+9-9
2021-10-07 15:06finally comitting go.mod & go.sumgearsix2+733-0
2021-10-07 12:14refactor / tidyup in pagr.gogearsix1+39-26
2021-10-07 12:13rewrote LoadTemplateDir for update & adjust for suti refactorsgearsix2+35-46
2021-10-06 14:45refactors to fix several renamesgearsix6+23-20
2021-10-03 13:12Merge branch 'feature/test-updates' of into feature/test-updatesgearsix0+0-0
2021-10-03 13:09started updating page_testgearsix1+33-19
2021-10-03 12:32DefaultTemplate -> DefaultTemplateNamegearsix2+4-4
2021-10-02 10:37moved Page.Title to Page.Meta['Title']gearsix1+13-13
2021-10-02 10:37moved Page.Title to Page.Meta['Title']gearsix1+6-7
2021-09-29 23:10page_test.go#TestBuild, refactor page.go#Buildgearsix3+26-13
2021-09-28 12:52more work in page_test.gogearsix2+101-22
2021-09-27 21:42more work on page_test.gogearsix2+31-19
2021-09-27 21:35added TestNewPagegearsix1+16-0
2021-09-27 15:51added page_test.go#TestMergeMetagearsix1+38-0
2021-09-27 15:24review template_test.go; minor fix to .ignore catchesgearsix2+6-2
2021-09-27 14:57improved TestNewConfigFromFilegearsix1+23-4
2021-09-01 23:50added .ignore support for template filesgearsix1+4-1
2021-08-18 20:03added Title, minor bugfixgearsix2+13-1
2021-08-17 12:38added Config.Assets;all Config.Assets files are copied on buildgearsix3+45-23
2021-08-05 10:49changed Title -> Sluggearsix2+4-13
2021-08-04 17:56made Page.Updated an RFC822 string; goroutine'd BuildSitemap loopgearsix2+51-35
2021-08-02 13:38fixed lastFileMod(); bugfixes to goroutines & pagePathgearsix2+11-11
2021-07-29 13:28finished build processgearsix2+82-32
2021-07-28 13:30tidyup & fixes in LoadContentDir (now LoadPageDir)gearsix3+65-58
2021-07-27 19:23Config.Contents->Config->Pagesgearsix3+36-36
2021-07-27 16:09renamed content*.go -> page*.go; special files are now *filename.*gearsix5+555-555
2021-07-27 14:17renamed PageNav->Navgearsix1+5-5
2021-07-27 14:13removed type Content (excessive)gearsix3+16-18
2021-07-22 12:22minor log fix & mod to Makefilegearsix2+6-2
2021-07-22 12:21minor fixes in content_testgearsix1+7-7
2021-07-22 12:17fixes in content.gogearsix1+54-32
2021-07-14 16:50started adding PageNavgearsix1+38-0
2021-07-14 16:48added TODOgearsix1+19-0
2021-07-14 16:48added simple Makefilegearsix1+7-0
2021-07-14 15:20Contents are sorted by latest->oldest .Updated; updated content_test.gogearsix3+31-4
2021-07-07 15:46added _Title_, _Updated_ (last mod to item in Page) to _Page_.gearsix1+51-10
2021-07-07 10:31bugfix to flow in LoadTemplateDirgearsix1+2-3
2021-07-06 15:57finished comment doc; renamed content.go HTML conversion functionsgearsix3+54-19
2021-07-06 15:09improved logginggearsix1+18-9
2021-07-06 11:38ignore content paths containing .ignoregearsix1+4-0
2021-07-06 11:35formatting; added DefaultTemplate & Page.GetTemplate()gearsix2+24-8
2021-07-06 11:34added pagr build() && verbose logginggearsix1+53-6
2021-07-05 21:20minor tidy in LoadTemplateDirGeaRSiX1+3-7
2021-07-02 18:54added template_test; suti needs more work for better validationgearsix2+56-1
2021-06-30 12:25tidyup, mostly in content_testgearsix3+29-38
2021-06-24 17:40added template loadinggearsix3+75-12
2021-06-23 22:02added stat check to contents dirgearsix2+8-1
2021-06-23 17:31fixed content_test.gogearsix2+44-38
2021-06-21 01:07gofmt; bugfix to pathing in LoadContentsDir & TestLoadContentsDirgearsix5+312-290
2021-06-10 18:09started content_test.go; bugfixes, etc in content.go; removed config_test.go#TestNewPage (not necessary).gearsix3+162-35
2021-06-09 12:37finished LoadContentsDir, Page.NewBodyFromFile()gearsix1+141-8
2021-06-08 18:08finished Meta.MergeMetagearsix1+8-1
2021-06-08 17:14added content.go: Content, Page, Meta; condensed pagr.gogearsix2+95-57
2021-06-08 15:42added loadContent() to pagrgearsix1+46-5
2021-06-08 14:45removed -c, -v args; added config.go, config_test.go; pagr loads a configgearsix3+115-13
2021-06-08 09:56added flags 'dir' and 'verbose'gearsix1+11-0
2021-06-08 09:48init commitgearsix1+21-0