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commit a476d5869f812f75825254448f0c5d4660053571
parent 7ab90de5c22c5a577ac153cc1759b8893025d22e
Author: gearsix <>
Date:   Sun,  7 Nov 2021 02:04:28 +0000

updated src/dotfm.1

Msrc/dotfm.1 | 11++++++++++-
1 file changed, 10 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/src/dotfm.1 b/src/dotfm.1 @@ -1,5 +1,6 @@ +.\" txt2man -d "$(date -Idate)" -t "dotfm" -s 1 -v "dotfm README" -r "v2.4.0" -s 1 README > src/dotfm.1 .\" Text automatically generated by txt2man -.TH dotfm 1 "Fri 8 Oct 12:46:54 BST 2021" "v2.3.0" "dotfm README" +.TH dotfm 1 "2021-11-07" "v2.4.0" "dotfm README" .SH NAME \fBdotfm \fP- a simple script to manage dotfiles. \fB @@ -70,6 +71,10 @@ an install location and aliases to call the dotfile by. If the update, up <ALIAS> <DOTFILE> update the source DOTFILE path (of the \fBdotfm\fP-registered dotfile matching ALIAS) that DESTINATION points to. +.PP +link, ln <FILE> \.\.\. +hardlink FILE to another destination, ideally a repository with a +collection of your dotfiles. .TP .B remove, rm <ALIAS> \.\.\. @@ -120,6 +125,10 @@ nano will be used. .B HOME The home directory of the current user +.TP +.B +DFMDIR +The directory in which your collection of dotfiles live. .SH HINTS I would recommend modifying the "KNOWN" array in src/ to suite your own needs if i've missed any dotfiles you frequently use.