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MMakefile | 9+++++++--
Asrc/dotfm.1 | 76++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
2 files changed, 83 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile @@ -1,5 +1,6 @@ CURRDIR=$(shell pwd) -DESTDIR=/usr/local/bin +DESTBINDIR=/usr/local/bin +DESTMANDIR=/usr/local/man NAME=dotfm all: none @@ -8,11 +9,15 @@ none: @echo 'nothing to do, just run "make install", or "make uninstall"' install: - install -pDm755 ${CURRDIR}/src/${NAME}.py ${DESTDIR}/${NAME} + install -pDm755 ${CURRDIR}/src/${NAME}.py ${DESTBINDIR}/${NAME} + install ${CURRDIR}/src/${NAME}.1 ${DESTMANDIR}/man1/${NAME}.1 + ln -s ${DESTMANDIR}/man1/${NAME}.1 /usr/share/man/man1/${NAME}1 link: ln -s ${CURRDIR}/src/${NAME}.py ${DESTDIR}/${NAME} @echo 'WARNING! moving ${CURRDIR}/src/ will break this link' + install ${CURRDIR}/src/${NAME}.1 ${DESTMANDIR}/man1/${NAME}.1 + ln -s ${DESTMANDIR}/man1/${NAME}.1 /usr/share/man/man1/${NAME}1 uninstall: rm -f ${DESTDIR}/${NAME} diff --git a/src/dotfm.1 b/src/dotfm.1 @@ -0,0 +1,76 @@ +.\" Text automatically generated by txt2man (txt2man -d "20 July 2020" -t dotfm -s 1 -v "README" -r "v2.0.0" -s 1 README >> src/dotfm.1) +.TH dotfm 1 "20 July 2020" "v2.0.0" "README" +.SH NAME +\fBdotfm \fP- a simple script to manage dotfiles. +\fB +.SH SYNOPSIS +.fam C +\fBdotfm\fP [\fB-h\fP] [\fB-d\fP] [\fB-v\fP] [\fB-q\fP] \fICOMMAND\fP DOTFILE\.\.\. + +.fam T +.fam T +.SH DESCRIPTION +\fBdotfm\fP is designed to be simple and easy to use. It's really just a short-hand for managing symlinks of dotfiles (it's also helpful if you don't want to remember or type out the location of a dotfile everytime you want to modify it). +.SH ARGUMENTS +.TP +.B +\fB-h\fP \fB--help\fP +Displays help printout +.TP +.B +\fB-d\fP \fB--debug\fP +Display debug logs +.TP +.B +\fB-v\fP \fB--version\fP +Display \fBdotfm\fP version +.TP +.B +\fB-q\fP \fB--quiet\fP +Tell \fBdotfm\fP to shutup (hide info logs) +.SH COMMANDS +Multiple DOTFILE args can be passed to each command. +.TP +.B +install <DOTFILE>\.\.\. +DOTFILE should be a filepath of the dotfile to install. +If the filename of DOTFILE is known, a symlink will be created at the install location (found in KNOWN_LOCATIONS). +If the filename is not recognised, then you'll be prompted for an install location an aliases to call the dotfile by. +.TP +.B +remove <DOTFILE>\.\.\. +DOTFILE should be an alias for the dotfile to remove. +Remove the file located at the install location of the dotfile with an alias matching DOTFILE. Will only remove if the file has been installed by \fBdotfm\fP (found in DOTFM_CSV_FILE). +.TP +.B +edit <DOTFILE>\.\.\. +DOTFILE should be an alias for the dotfile to edit. +Open the corresponding DOTFILE in $EDITOR or (if $EDITOR is not set) nano. +.TP +.B +list [<DOTFILE>\.\.\.] +DOTFILE is optional, if set it should be an alias of the dotfile to list. +Display a table of the install location and aliases of all or specified dotfiles. +.SH INSTALL +Go to the source folder of \fBdotfm\fP and run either "sudo make link" or "sudo make install". +The link option will create a symlink of the script from it's current location (useful if you want to modify it frequently). +The install option will copy it to the install location (recommended for most users). +.PP +By default the install location of \fBdotfm\fP is /usr/local/bin/\fBdotfm\fP. To modify this, just edit the value of DESTBINDIR in the Makefile. +.SH UNINSTALL +Go to the source folder of \fBdotfm\fP and run "sudo make uninstall" +.SH ENVIRONMENT +.TP +.B +EDITOR +The text editor to edit dotfiles with. If not present, nano will be used. +.SH KNOWN DOTFILES +I would recommend modifying the "KNOWN_DOTFILES" array in src/ to suite your own needs. I've tried to put most of the standard dotfiles in there, however it's not exhaustive (although I do plan on adding to it over-time). +.PP +Doing this will allow you to easily install dotfiles that you often use which aren't currently present KNOWN_DOTFILES (instead of having to specify the install location and aliases for it everytime). +.SH AUTHORS +.IP \(bu 3 +gearsix <>